Notes To My Phone

How to Search

Notes To My Phone is easy to use. Enter the area code of the number you are inquiring about in the first field on any page with a search form. Then enter the exchange (second three digits in a US phone number), and finally, the last four digits in the remaining box. Click "Locate Caller" to view more information.

How to Leave a Note

If you've been harassed or otherwise annoyed by a caller recently, we want your feedback! Notes To My Phone functions as a reporting service for any type of unwanted call, whether it's a jokester making a prank call, a text message spammer, or simply a person who was rude to you. Enter the phone number of the person or company that called you, then choose what type of call it was, and then add a note explaining what happened. You aren't required to leave a note, of course, but we would appreciate it if you did.

How to Browse

Simply click area codes here or at the bottom of any page on our site. You'll be presented with a list of the area codes we accept notes on and display information for. Then drill-down into exchange and take your pick. Notes To My Phone is also a very handy resource for general phone-related information, too!

How to Learn More

Do you need more information about a specific caller? It's as easy as locating the caller using our search form! We will search for a match, and if we can find one, we will display the location and other information. If you need to know the owner's identity as well, we do offer an optional service with this information for millions of Americans.

How to Opt-Out

Just let us know your phone number and request it. People can still leave notes about the phone number, but they won't be able to know anything else about you from our site.